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Trip and Falls

Hire a Trip-And-Fall Lawyer in Portland

You shouldn't have to worry about sustaining an injury when you visit someone's property. If you were hurt due to unsafe conditions, you need legal support. Reach out to Mark E. Olmsted, PC today. Our trip-and-fall accident lawyer has decades of experience, and he can help you fight for compensation. 

Call 503-445-4453 to speak with a trip-and-fall lawyer in Portland, OR. We work with clients in Oregon and Washington.

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Do You Have a Case for A Trip-And-Fall Lawsuit?

When a property owner doesn't take measures to ensure that their property is safe, they should be held liable for any accidents that occur. You could have a case for a trip-and-fall lawsuit if you were injured on a commercial property, such as a store, restaurant or construction site. Talk to a trip-and-fall accident lawyer about your situation today. 

Mark E. Olmsted, PC will assess your case from every angle before filing a claim on your behalf. Attorney Olmsted, our lead trip-and-fall lawyer, will work hard to hold the responsible party accountable. Call now to schedule an appointment.